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Second Grade Math Topics 

This year we will be reviewing and covering new material. Here are the topics that we will be working on throughout the year. 

Number patterns (even and odd, arrays, skip counting, using a hundreds chart) 

Place Value to 1,000 (ones, tens, hundreds, standard form, expanded form, word form)

Adding 2-digit and 3-digit numbers (22+16=38, 35-20=15, 345+567=912) 

Time, Money, Data Assessment (picture graphs, bar graphs, line plots) 

How to respond when your child doesn't know the asnwer

First, ask what they do know about the problem. If it is a word problem, circle or underline the information. 

Next, ask where they should start. Lead them to the starting point instead of smply telling them. 

If they make a mistake, remind them that they are practicing to get better. Mistakes are what help us learn the most! 

Finally, give them positive feedback and praise on their work. Feeling successful will help lead to more learning. 


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Current Unit: Reviewing First Grade

We always begin the year with a review of the skills they learned last year. We will do doing Ninja Math Assessments weekly that monitor student knowledge of basic addition and subtraction facts. We compare the beginning of the year to the end of the year to see how much they have improved! It is always neat to see how well they do. 

We will also begin working on a good number sense base. It is important that students know place value and how to use a hundreds chart.