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Literacy Tips  

Learning Programs used in Second Grade

ReadyGen is our main literacy program. It includes texts read in class, as well as writing.

Fundations is used to supplement the phonics component of ReadyGen.

















ReadyGen Unit 1: Working Together

This unit focuses on how students can work together as a team. We will read several stories about students who work together to solve problems. We also use this in our classroom daily.  


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Supporting Readers and Writers

ReadyGen uses texts to help students learn to read and analyze stories by asking in-depth comprehension and vocabulary questions. This is a skill that is not largely focused on in first grade, as students are still working on their reading speed and fluency. You can help your child develop this skill by reading together and asking questions that require you child to dig deeper into the meaning of the story. Such questions could include: How do you think the character felt when ... happened? What do you think might happen next? Where in the story did it talk about ...? 

These kinds of questions help your child to begin thinking about what they read. 


 Fundations is a program that helps students focus on the rules of writing. It also introduces them to words that don't follow common spelling patterns and are called "trick words". These are often words that are referred to as "sight words" by other programs. Fundations does not provide a set list of spelling words to memorize each week. Instead the focus is on memorizing the rule and knowing when to apply it to reading and more particularly, writing. Each week, a homework packet that includes a writing activity and a reading activity will be sent home. If you have questions about the homework, please ask. The format can be somewhat confusing to read at first. Each week, the unit topic will be discussed in a cover letter so you a parent know what rule is being taught. 


Writing is taken from the ReadyGen program and presented through a spiral reviewed format for revising and editing student writing. We will write, narrative stories, informational texts, opinion pieces, and poetry. You can support your child by reading these different genres together and having your child think and talk about writing one of their own.