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Scholar Academy is committed to creating a learning environment that fosters in students the development of divergent thinking and problem solving skills, providing opportunities which enable all students to develop a sense of civic responsibility and achieve their highest potential.


Scholar Academy will work to develop a student's intellectual abilities, leadership, creativity and healthy lifelong practices.

Donations List:


We are in need of a few supplies for our classroom. There is a running need for tissues, lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. Any materials you can send are greatly appreciated! 



  1. -Facial tissues 
  2. -Wet wipes 
  3. -Dry erase markers, fine tip
  4. -Crayons 24 pack 
  5. -Colored markers
  6. -Zip top baggies (any size) 
  7. -Glue sticks

-Hand Sanitizer






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Hello! Welcome to Mrs. Petroff's class website. If you are willing to volunteer, please email me. I will be getting some things available to send home to work on if your schedule doesn't allow time to come into the classroom.

Also a big thanks to Trust Land funds for providing for our 7th grade lab. What a great resource for our school! 

We would like to remind parents that students need to be using school technology in appropriate ways. As part of the Computer Usage Agreement, students are not to be on social media sites or other sites that are not apprpriate. This has not been an issue with our second graders in the past, but we would like to remind you to discuss what the consequences will be if it does happen. 

The first infraction will result in the student loosing computer priviledges for the day. A second infraction will be for a week and detention, and a third will be loss of priviledges for the rest of the year.  

For a copy of the agreement that will be signed at the beginning of the year, please visit the school website.